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My Community Health Fair


The First L.A. Health Care
Mobile Unit challenge!

Mobile Health care units from local health care providers, will be joining efforts to bring Vision, Dental, Pediatric, General Medicine, Women’s and Mental Health mobile services to the Central American community. The event mission is to bring Free Health Screenings to the local Central American Community in Downtown LA. Ideal partners are organizations that have the capability to provide health screening services on site either with mobile units on wheels or with canopies. We welcome you!


Many in the local immigrant community live in their previous world lifestyle, and lacking awareness and means, continue to visit the local “street corner” Clinics for their health care needs. Those needs are met “as needed” with only the basics urgent things addressed. They are not being exposed to many essential healthcare exams and services available as well as learning about preventive medicine.


The purpose of this event is to provide all the primary healthcare possible, on location, to the Central American Community on April 27th 2024. Although the Health Fair is primarily intended to provide health screenings, education and information are a vital part of it. The power of knowledge and awareness is an essential benefit – what services are available, how to apply or join, and a vast array of other information that is much needed in the local community will be shared.


Mental health is another important element this event will highlight bringing local community, state and federal agencies as well as the private sector together to provide resources and education. The Central American community has endured many hardships in a journey that took them from one world to another leaving behind family and friends. Then there is the cultural shock as well as many other life changing experiences. Many have not had time to process these experiences. This emotional distress is often left unchecked due to the stigma associated with mental health in Latin American Culture making this an even more important part of the Central American Health Fair.


Women’s Health awareness is an incredibly needed service especially in this Central American community where women are likely to put others first often neglecting themselves for both financial and cultural reasons. There is not necessarily a cultural upbringing where women’s needs are properly addressed so there is an opportunity not only for introduction to some health screenings but also education. Accessibility to very specific women’s health care options will be part of this event and will make a world of difference.


We are looking for partners who will provide these services and many other screenings and support our efforts in many different areas as well. Your participation will greatly enhance our event and we would like to invite and encourage your participation.


Central American Spring Health Fair.

Location: 625 S. Lafayette Park Place.

Los Angeles, 90057
Date: 04/27/2024 – 10 am – 3 pm


Flavio Guerra

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